Our Communication

Weekly Learning thread & Daily photos

Each day your Educators will post a series of beautiful photographs of the children engaged in play and learning experiences. These will be put up onto our digital platform. There will not be any writing with this post, rather it’s a chance for you to get a quick insight into your child’s day. We encourage you to get daily feedback about your child’s day though face to face conversations at pickup and drop off.

At the end of each week each class will produce a weekly learning feed to go up into Kindyhub. The learning thread will share photos, children’s voices, educator thinking, questions, further planning and reflection with families.

We share Children’s and Educators Learning, with families in a number of ways;

  • Daily photo feeds on Kindyhub
  • Face to Face meaningful and authentic conversations with parents at pickup and drop off.
  • Documentation displays outside and inside of class of learners work “in progress”
  • End of the week online learning thread.
  • Learning Journey books (Captured story) at the end of the 10 week Term.
  • Individual summative assessments (May and November)
  • If you have any questions or want to find out more information please come and chat with your centre director or educators.