Learning Environments

Inside Our Centre

The new refurbishment of KidCademy Early Learning Centres will see our centre transformed in to an exceptional place of learning which is designed with a focus on inviting the natural world inside and to connect the children with their outdoor surroundings, and this will most definitely be seen throughout our centre on completion.

Along with the large open planned rooms, the new design will feature expansive and light filled rooms, with bountiful amounts of windows, large glass doors and the addition skylights in to the ceilings - completely created and inspired by nature.

As well as a complete renovation, a diverse and thoughtful curriculum and highly passionate and skilled educators, the centre will be equipped with state-of-the-art resources and technology for educators to engage each child’s curious mind, their senses and enhance their brain development in all areas of learning.

The centre will also see a brand-new commercial kitchen installed where fresh gourmet healthy meals will be cooked daily for the children to provide and promote a nutritious balanced meal for each family’s convenience.


Our Outdoor Environments

Our newly renovated outdoor areas have been designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for each child to explore and thrive within a natural environment.  
The new plans of the senior outdoor area at KidCademy Early Learning Centres incorporates a bike track which will weave in and around a large natural play area where they can ride freely in the outdoor space.

The children will be provided many opportunities to enjoy, explore and investigate our sun safe yards, while cooling off in the warmer months in the waterpark area, utilising a new climbing structure and roped log tangle built specifically to challenge their growing minds and physical development. The opportunities are endless as they explore, investigate and play in a tree house built around a large mature tree providing a cool and shady spot to also sit and relax with friends and build trusting relationships.

Our senior outdoor area plan also incorporates a yarning circle where families, children and educators can foster harmonious, trusting and collaborative relationships with one another while encouraging respectful and safe interactions.

While the senior yard will be utilised by children of all ages, the junior side boasts a separate yard with its own in-built slide and toddlers’ deck for educators to design and provide a safe and stimulating outdoor environment and extend of the developmental stages of the younger children.

Sand play is such a popular activity for the children of all ages. Both senior and junior sides will have different sand play scapes and garden to encourage and ensure all children are provided with a wonderful, natural outdoor learning environment.

We would love to invite you to visit KidCademy Early Learning Centre today for a tour.


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